Lucid News Salutes Our Friend Ken Jordan

Lucid News Co-Founder and psychedelic pioneer Ken Jordan dies leaving lasting legacy.

The First Wave of Blotter Acid Inspired Trippy Psychedelic Art

Like rock posters, album art, and comix, blotter art played a crucial role in shaping the counterculture experience.

Dear Psychedelic Community: We Need Healthy Debate

If we don’t create conditions suitable for healthy debate, bitter public feuds among psychedelic stakeholders will continue to spiral out on social and mainstream media.

Psychedelic Designers Dress Post-Pandemic World

Bold designs from Covid cohort fashion designers Laura Lambert, Gina Ayala and Amber Kuia bet on a coming boom in psychedelic fashion.

Report: Final Round-up from MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023

Psychedelic Science 2023 wrapped up with lessons from drug policy activism, psychedelics and sex, wisdom from elders, and protestors speaking out against the marginalization of Indigenous voices.

Report: Day 3 of MAPS’s Psychedelic Science 2023

Psychedelic Science 2023 continues with MAPS’s funding announcement, Roland Griffith’s emotional lecture, and panel discussions on Buddhism, ketamine, and more.

Report: Day 2 of MAPS’s Psychedelic Science 2023

Psychedelic Science 2023 continues with panel discussions on MDMA commercialization, the underground roots of today’s psychedelic movement, psychedelics for Covid-traumatized clinicians, and more.

Report: Day 1 of MAPS’s Psychedelic Science 2023

The world’s largest psychedelic conference kicked off with workshops and a dive into Burning Man-esque Deep Space.

The Rise of Community Microdosing

The broader acceptance of psilocybin has sparked the creation of community groups in the San Francisco Bay Area that microdose together.

Artist Chor Boogie Pursues the Nganga Path

Artist Chor Boogie found healing with iboga and has trained as a nganga or shaman in the Bwiti tradition.