Ann Harrison

Ann Harrison is a journalist based in San Francisco. She has covered business, science and politics for numerous news organizations including Wired News, Fast Company, Agence France-Presse and several National Public Radio member stations. After working for several years as a technology reporter, Ann began writing about grey market economies. In 2020, Ann co-founded Lucid News where she presently serves as managing editor. She has an MS in science reporting from the Columbia University School of Journalism. In 2007, Ann began co-creating companies and organizations under the name Annie Oak. She founded the Women’s Visionary Congress and co-founded its parent organization the Women’s Visionary Council, the first nonprofit for psychedelic women. Recognizing the need to provide a quiet, comfortable space at music festivals, Ann created the Full Circle Tea House as a collaborative community art project. Ann is also the co-founder of Take 3 Presents, a San Francisco-based event production company that produces immersive art experiences. A long-time public health activist, Ann develops risk reduction strategies for event organizers. She is a resident of the San Francisco Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

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