Join filmmaker and host Mareesa Stertz for a brief visit into other realms where guests share personal stories of illumination, healing, and transformation through their use of psychedelics.

Creating a Safe Haven for the Asian Psychedelic Community

Simran Sethi talks about her experience working in psychedelic spaces as a South Asian immigrant, and why she founded the Asian Psychedelic Collective.

Why We Should Listen to the Women Elders of the Psychedelic Underground

Rachel Harris discusses the motivation behind her new book about long-time women practitioners, and the importance of preserving traditional wisdom as psychedelics become increasingly medicalized.

How Magic Mushrooms Guided my Inner City Adolescence

Cacique Antonio shares how mushrooms helped him navigate his teenage years in the inner city, eventually putting him on the path as a guide for urban and international communities.

Why Slowing Down is Essential to Psychedelic Therapy

Clinical social worker Ashley Booth discusses how combining modalities like Hakomi and Internal Family Systems with psychedelic-assisted therapy help people slow down to process trauma.

How Psychedelics Inform this Hypnotherapist’s Practice

In this episode, Colette Condorcita, who healed a devastating neck injury with hypnotherapy, talks about merging psychedelics and hypnotherapeutic techniques to direct neuroplasticity in clients.

Bringing Ketamine-Assisted Therapy to the Native American Community

In this first episode of season two of Adventures of the Psyche, Dr. Joe Tafur discusses bringing psychedelic-assisted ketamine therapy to the Native American community with a ceremonial approach.

How Magic Mushrooms Helped Me Find My Pleasure After Trauma

In this episode of Adventures of the Psyche, X Razma shares how, through a large dose of mushrooms, they were able to create a roadmap back to pleasure after experiencing sexual trauma.

How Ayahuasca Helped Me Surrender My Need to Control

In this episode of Adventures of the Psyche, Jemie Sae Koo shares how taking ayahuasca after years of depression, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue saved her life.

How LSD Helped Me Create a Psychedelic Community for People of Color

In this episode of Adventures of the Psyche, Emma Sanchez (aka Emma Dilemma), shares how LSD helped her recognize the importance of, and create space for, celebrating cultural heritage.

How Mushrooms Helped Me Give Up My Dream of Being a Doctor

In this episode of Adventures of the Psyche, Julia Mirer shares how a seemingly uneventful psilocybin experience helped her release an inherited dream of practicing western medicine.

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