Two Psychedelic Bills in the New York State Assembly Attract Support 

Pat Burke will introduce legislation to legalize psychedelic-assisted therapy following Linda Rosenthal’s bill to legalize possession of psychedelic plants and fungi. 

Newly Proposed California Bill Would Decriminalize Natural Psychedelics

State Senator Scott Wiener’s bill picks up where last year’s bill left off, but does not include synthetic substances like MDMA and LSD.

Biden Administration Considers Psychedelic Therapies Task Force

Advocates for the initiative, including two retired generals, say that the proposed inter-agency federal task force would support a thoughtful and coordinated introduction of psychedelic medicine services nationwide.

Oregon Overcomes Bureaucratic Delays to Therapist Training Program Approvals

From some counties pushing back on access to psilocybin therapy to last minute obstacles to facilitator training programs, Oregon is successfully navigating a bumpy road towards legalized psilocybin.

What’s Next for Legal Psilocybin in Oregon

As Oregon heads towards the first legal psilocybin system in the country, activists and educators come together to discuss the program ahead of next week’s Horizons Northwest conference.

In the Wake of Decrim, Police Continue to Target Psychedelics 

The recent arrest of psychedelic activist Aaron Genuth for possession brings to light the legal risks that still surround psychedelics, despite policy advancements.

As Plant-Medicine Churches Grow, Legal Questions Linger

Plant-medicine churches want to use the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a shield against arrest or prosecution, but only three have established this legal right in thirty years.

Psychedelic Decrim Language Removed From California Bill SB 519

The California bill has been limited to a public health study, with a proposed working group focusing on harm reduction and regulatory systems.

Lead Plaintiff in Canadian Right To Try Lawsuit Shares His Psilocybin Story

Thomas Hartle says psilocybin profoundly alleviated his end-of-life anxiety following his terminal diagnosis, and wants to make sure others like him have access to this medicine before it’s too late.

Advocates Push for California Psychedelic Decrim Bill to Reach Crucial Vote

A California bill that would decriminalize psychedelic substances will receive a hearing in the State Assembly as advocates gather support from lawmakers before an August legislative deadline.