After Amendments California Legislature Passes Psychedelic Decrim

The bill, SB 58, includes a workgroup to propose facilitated use and now goes to Governor Newsom’s desk for signature.

CA Decrim Bill Amended To Require Framework For Therapeutic Use

Amendments to SB-58 would delay therapeutic and facilitated use of psychedelics in California until a regulatory framework similar to those in Oregon and Colorado is developed.

Kentucky Plans to Put $42 Million Towards Ibogaine Research

A statewide proposal, if passed, will allocate settlement funds from lawsuits against corporations involved in the opioid crisis towards research into ibogaine, which has demonstrated potential to treat opioid use disorder.

Ukraine Military and Citizens Seek Psychedelic Therapy for War Trauma

Underground psychedelic-assisted therapy in Ukraine could help treat PTSD from the war, as advocates work to broaden access by rescheduling substances like psilocybin and MDMA.

Powerful D.C. Republicans Drive Psychedelic Research Efforts

The Psychedelic Medicine Coalition has partnered with prominent conservative lobbyists and consultants to bring federal funding to psychedelic research.

California Decrim Bill SB58 Passes State Senate

SB 58, the California legislation which would decriminalize certain psychedelic substances, is now being considered by the state Assembly after being passed by the Senate.

California Bill to Decriminalize Some Psychedelics Advances Through the Legislature

SB 58, legislation which would decriminalize certain psychedelic substances, has been advanced by the California Senate Public Safety Committee despite expected opposition.

The EU is Inching Closer to a Psychedelic Renaissance

Initiatives towards psychedelic policy reform are taking place in Europe, from a conference on psychedelic-assisted therapies at the European Parliament to the British Treasury’s approval of funding for innovative medical treatments.

Psilocybin Therapies Attract Support in Illinois Legislature

An unusual coalition, including an Illinois state legislator and a local Psychedelic Society, has created the proposed CURE Act to legalize psilocybin therapy. 

A Psilocybin Therapy Bill is Making Headway in New York

The medical model proposal, which would set up a framework for psilocybin-assisted therapy in New York ahead of FDA approval, is viewed by some policy reform advocates as the necessary next step towards decriminalization.