New Clergy Study Echoes Roland Griffith’s Early Research

A forthcoming study that examines the impact of psychedelics on religious clergy appears to support earlier findings about the nature and persistence of mystical experiences.

Roland Griffiths Reflects on Scientific Investigations of Psychedelic Awakening

A conversation with the eminent scientist Roland Griffiths about the importance of studying psychedelics and transformative experiences.

Study Examines Fireside Hotline Services

A research partnership between the University of California San Francisco and the Fireside Project peer-support hotline reveals insights into psychedelic harm reduction.

First Study to Look at Candy Flipping Suggests Potential for Psychedelic Therapy

MDMA and LSD may be a beneficial combination for patients who have never taken psychedelics and are frightened, suggests one researcher.

Psychedelics May Reopen Locked Learning Opportunities

A new study suggests that psychedelics may have the ability to unlock limited time spans of learning called “critical periods,” which are the only chance to learn certain behaviors.

Survey Reveals Where Psychedelic Users Get Their Information

Psychedelic users are skeptical of information from governments and pharma companies, consider popular media inaccurate, but learn from their own experiences and from friends.

Brazilian Researchers Investigate Ayahuasca

A team of researchers in Brazil is investigating ayahuasca as a possible therapeutic treatment for depression and determining the impact of the psychedelic effect.

Oregon Approves First Psilocybin Service Center

The owner of the state’s first psilocybin service center to receive a license speaks about the lengthy path to approval.

Roland Griffiths Lights the Path For Psychedelic Research

The scientist whose pivotal studies set in motion a renaissance in psychedelic research, points the way forward while reflecting on his own mortality.

Safety of Psychedelics for Older Adults Assessed in New Study

Psychedelics are safe for healthy older adults, a new review of clinical trials suggests, but few are included in research studies.