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Informed, balanced, risk-taking journalism is necessary to ensure that psychedelics fulfill their potential, both as medicines and cultural catalysts.

“Lucid News is much needed. For example, the article [about COMPASS Pathways] by Annie Harrison is excellent.”
–  Rick Doblin, MAPS Founder

Mainstream media is not up for this challenge. Sure, popular coverage can bring greater awareness. But the success of this fast moving, dynamic field depends on accurate, nuanced news coverage by journalists who know the terrain, separate truth from hype, and can convey this complex psychedelic era to a readership of newcomers and experts alike.

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“Insightful, timely, up to date, imaginative, open-minded, avant-garde and very well informed, Lucid News has the pulse of today’s thriving psychedelic scene.”
– Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter

Looking Ahead

Lucid News is growing together with the psychedelic movement. Looking ahead, the field’s success depends on an informed and engaged psychedelic community. We’re expanding with new features that serve this community.

Psychedelic U
We’re launching a new area on Lucid News devoted to resources that answer your critical questions about psychedelics. There’s reams of online information – and mis-information – about the topic. What should you trust? Psychedelic U will be a hub with links that serves the curious newcomer as well as the seasoned psychonaut. Coming in June.

Global Psychedelic Society Partnership
Local psychedelic societies around the world are forming a network to share resources and best practices. Lucid News is partnering with the Global Psychedelic Society to provide content, expertise and training.

Lucid News Events
Our events program is expanding – both online and in-person. Talk with Lucid News editors, writers and their sources about breaking news stories. Join “Ask Me Anything” conversations with the world’s leading psychedelic experts. Come to Lucid News gatherings in New York and San Francisco. Connect with others in the psychedelic scene who are helping to make the change we want to see in the world.

“Lucid News is a true leader in journalism about psychedelics, addressing cutting edge issues and controversies with in-depth reporting and thoughtful perspectives.”
– Ethan A. Nadelmann, Drug Policy Alliance Founder

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– Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky

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– Carolyn (Mountain Girl) Garcia

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