How Freaks of Color Shaped Psychedelia

BIPOC artists, from Jimi Hendrix to Parliament-Funkadelic, shaped the 60s and 70s psychedelic subculture.

Jamaican Dancehall Artist Sean Paul Loves Mushroom Tea

Grammy-winning Jamaican Dancehall artist Sean Paul says he’s learned about the benefits of making teas from cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms and other medicinal fungi.

Deepak Chopra Credits LSD for Shifting His Consciousness

The doctor turned spiritual author, who recently opened up about his experiences with LSD and ayahuasca, is collaborating with MindMed to educate the public about psychedelic medicine.

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How Potent Is that Magic Mushroom?

At the first Psilocybin Cup in Oakland, psilocybin mushrooms were potency tested in a competition that attracted cultivators from around the world.

Mountain Girl Surveys the Psychedelic Renaissance

A member of the Merry Pranksters and many other psychedelic communities, Carolyn Garcia reflects on present enthusiasm for the expansion of consciousness.

Fireside Project: The 21st Century’s First Psychedelic Peer Support Hotline

Launching April 14, a San Francisco-based collective organized by psychedelic community leaders will offer support via call, text, and live chat for anyone undergoing a psychedelic experience, or seeking to integrate one.

How to Navigate Clubhouse’s Psychedelic Scene

The new and wildly popular voice-only social media app has given rise to a booming psychedelic community where professionals share personal stories and market their services.

Women On Psychedelic Leadership: A Roundtable Discussion

Three women changing the landscape of psychedelics – Charlotte Blocker, Julie Holland, and Melissa Lavasani – discuss being bossy, psychedelic policies, SSRIs, and the power of storytelling.