Can Psychedelics Guide a Mystic’s Path to Mystery?

Psychedelics offer a glimpse into unmediated mystery, one that religious tradition and metaphor may help spiritual seekers navigate more easily, says Christian mystic Rev. John Mabry.

A Jewish Mystic’s Embrace of Psychedelics

While psychedelics often lead people to reject Abrahamic religions, Rabbi Art Green sees psychedelics as a way to revive Judaism’s mystic tradition.

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What Mainstream Churches Can Learn from an Ayahuasca Church

Religious studies scholar William Barnard describes the Brazilian ayahuasca church, Santo Daime, as a modern mystery school in his book, Liquid Light.

A Legal Ayahuasca Church Thrives in Southern California

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A Santo Daime Church’s Legal Success Paved a Path Towards Psychedelic Legalization

The saga of the Oregon-based medicine church’s legal case set a precedent for the state’s current implementation of Measure 109 as psychedelics gain mainstream acceptance.

What Nitrous Oxide Showed The Father of American Psychology

David Yaden, whose new book continues the legacy of William James’s work on spiritual experiences, talks about James’s mystical encounter with nitrous oxide and what he would think of today’s psychedelic revival.

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A robust conversation has begun about preparing trained chaplains to support people on their journeys.

Pioneering Clergy of Diverse Religions Embrace Psychedelics

Some religious leaders are finding psychedelics a valuable way to have mystical experiences within the traditions of their faiths.