Fireside Project Expands Psychedelic Support Service with App Launch

The service offers a safe, compassionate container that anyone having a psychedelic experience and a smartphone can access with a couple of clicks.

The Rise of Spiritual Technologies: A Discussion with Nichol Bradford

The executive director of the Transformative Technology Lab is working on technology solutions to wellbeing and inner development that leads to “enlightenment, awakeness, oneness, transcendence, unity consciousness.”

First Ever Prescription Video Game Gains FDA Clearance for ADHD Treatment

The app EndeavorRx, a first-of-its-kind non-drug treatment option, marks a new class of digital therapeutics.

Virtual Reality a Promising Treatment for Chronic Pain

Virtual reality can alleviate chronic pain by rewiring the brain, and serving as a contemplative tool.

Two New Releases Show Technology’s Psychedelic Frontier

SoundSelf, a Virtual Reality game, and Breathscape, a meditation app, demonstrate how digital media can produce higher states of consciousness.