Lucy Walker on Turning ‘How to Change Your Mind’ Into a Netflix Hit

The director of Netflix’s How to Change Your Mind, Lucy Walker, discusses what led her to make the groundbreaking series and what it was like to work with Michael Pollan.

Ann Shulgin, Forerunner of Today’s Psychedelic Reemergence, Dies at 91 

Ann Shulgin, one of the foremost thinkers and authors to have guided the current resurgence of interest in psychedelics, has died at the age of 91.

Dennis McKenna Extolls Our Deepening Knowledge of Psychoactive Plants

The famous ethnopharmacologist reflects on his main takeaways from the ESPD55 conference and their implications for the future.

The Elephant in the Room is LSD

Acid’s cultural profile is curiously muted in today’s psychedelic space, though it’s been the most influential and catalyzing psychedelic in the postwar world.

NFTs Are Getting Psychedelic. Is It Worth the Trip?

From artists Alex Grey and Beeple to projects infused with psilocybin culture, NFTs have embraced psychedelics — with some donating proceeds towards research.

Decrim Movement Split Over Peyote, Possession Limits, and Tactics

Decriminalize Nature’s controversial stances on hot button issues has led to the birth of new groups independent of the national organization.

Hyphae Labs Expands Harm Reduction to Consider Psilocybin 

In an effort to move beyond harm reduction efforts that often overlook psilocybin, Hyphae Labs has launched the Psilocybin Cup and the California Psychedelic Conference to provide critical information about potency, dosage, and adulteration.

So You Wish To See?

The poet J. Ra invites you to consider if you wish to see deep into thee with the Shaman tools of self discovery and take the time to tread carefully. 

Daniel Ellsberg Talks Psychedelics, Consciousness and World Peace

The great American whistleblower who released the Pentagon Papers reflects on the intersection of psychedelics and activism, and the need for a shift in our collective consciousness.

12 of Our Great Reads from 2021

From psychedelic investment to celebrities speaking publicly about once taboo experiences, this list of our favorite reads from the past year shows how dramatically the psychedelics field is growing and changing.