New Bay Area Resilience Fund Provides Safety Net for Local Medicine Healers

An innovative nonprofit provides financial aid to local integrative medicine healers whose work and livelihoods have been disrupted by Covid-19.

Psychedelic Liberty Summit Demonstrates Diversity in Cyberspace

One of the first digital conferences of the coronavirus era, Psychedelic Liberty Summit revealed both the potentials and challenges of this transition, and provided opportunities that live gatherings cannot.

Brian Rose Reconnects Thanks To Plant Medicine

The host of London Real discusses why he made a documentary about a life changing ayahuasca journey.

Take a Trip to The Psychedelic Video Museum

Celebrate Bicycle Day by exploring The Psychedelic Video Museum, an online collection of over 700 videos covering Psychedelic Cinema, Sixties Psychedelia, Psychedelic Activism, and everything in between.

Psychedelic Community in the Social Distancing Era

From online breathwork to virtual cuddle parties, conscious communities innovate to stay connected despite social distancing.