The Evolving Landscape of Digital Psychedelic Therapeutics

How are new technologies affecting ketamine-assisted therapy, and what new tech is on the horizon? 

If the Ayahuasca Honeymoon Is Over, What Comes Next?

As time passes, some people fall out of love with ayahuasca, but that doesn’t negate its transformational potential.

“What Just Happened?” Processing the Closing Protest at Psychedelic Science

Two members of the Psychedelic Bar Association, Ariel Clark and Roman Haferd, believe that the protest at the closing of the Psychedelic Science conference is an opportunity to help build deeper empathy and trust. 

Rastafari and Psychedelic Medicines

The co-founder of Rastafari Indigenous Village, Firstman, describes how his community lives with the lessons of the plants and offers a new vision for those seeking psychedelic retreat experiences in Jamaica.

Pushing Back on the Term “Therapy” in Oregon’s Measure 109

As the legislation which created a regulated network for supervised adult psilocybin usage rolls out, conversations on the costs of services, accessibility, and the significance of using precise language to describe the service have emerged.

Breaking Convention Is No Conference for Suits

Journey to the druidic land of Exeter for the sixth psychedelic gathering harmonizing psychedelic science and culture.

How TransTech Can Give Agency to Humanity

In this interview, technologist Raad Seraj discusses how intent informs technology’s effects, why network and community is the most powerful aspect of tech, and the point of spiritual development. 

Psychedelic Researchers in Europe Proceed with Caution

Compared to other psychedelic conferences, ECNP was a dose of European realism – from the anticipated effect sizes of psychedelic trials to the cut and tailoring of suits and outfits.

Researchers Come Closer to Understanding How Psychedelics Effect Serotonin Receptors

Groundbreaking experiments shed new light on how psychedelics interact with cells to promote neuroplasticity.

Are Psychedelics a New Paradigm or Business as Usual?

Many starry-eyed entrepreneurs view the psychedelic industry as radically new; unfortunately, it may end up collapsing in on itself like cryptocurrency.