Lykos Confident That Working With FDA Will Merit MDMA-AT Approval 

Lykos Therapeutics details how it is addressing questions raised by FDA advisors during a June 4 advisory meeting and how it will apply these insights to its Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy. 

Lykos Responds to Opposition by FDA Advisors to MDMA-Assisted Therapy

Lykos Therapeutics addresses concerns from FDA Advisors about MDMA-assisted therapy and presents a forward looking plan.

Behold the Ascendant Psychedelic Vape

The growing market for vaporizers that offers portable, disposable and convenient delivery systems for DMT, psilocybin, 2C-B and other psychedelic substances.

APPA’s Stephen Xenakis Discusses the Future of Psychedelic Therapy

The executive director of the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association shares his vision for the professionalization of psychedelic-assisted therapy, as FDA approval seems likely this year.

How MAPS PBC Became Lykos Therapeutics and Raised $100M

The MAPS nonprofit remains the largest shareholder, but gives up controlling interest in MAPS PBC, as the for-profit company that seeks to commercialize MDMA therapy successfully attracts investors.

MAPS PBC Filing of New Drug Application to FDA Seen as Milestone

Three decades in the making, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation’s NDA for MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD is the first for a psychedelic-assisted therapy.

What the Beckley Waves Acquisition of Nue Life Means for the Psychedelics Industry

Dan Love, co-founder of Beckley Waves, talks about the at-home ketamine business, the value of technical infrastructure, and the psychedelic field’s current consolidation.

Freedom Biosciences Develops Ketamine Combination Therapies

A startup co-founded by a pioneering scientist is developing drug combination therapies which it says will make ketamine treatment more effective and accessible.

Filament Leads Market for Psychedelic Botanicals 

Filament Health produces botanical extracts used in the development of psychedelic drugs and therapies while complying with the Nagoya Protocol.

Oregon Pioneers New Psilocybin Business Models 

Two trailblazing service centers in Bend Oregon hope to provide affordable psilocybin experiences in different ways.