What the Beckley Waves Acquisition of Nue Life Means for the Psychedelics Industry

Dan Love, co-founder of Beckley Waves, talks about the at-home ketamine business, the value of technical infrastructure, and the psychedelic field’s current consolidation.

Freedom Biosciences Develops Ketamine Combination Therapies

A startup co-founded by a pioneering scientist is developing drug combination therapies which it says will make ketamine treatment more effective and accessible.

Filament Leads Market for Psychedelic Botanicals 

Filament Health produces botanical extracts used in the development of psychedelic drugs and therapies while complying with the Nagoya Protocol.

Oregon Pioneers New Psilocybin Business Models 

Two trailblazing service centers in Bend Oregon hope to provide affordable psilocybin experiences in different ways.

The Collapse of Field Trip Health

Once a big player in the ketamine clinic business, the implosion of Field Trip Health illustrates the perils encountered by some companies who entered the psychedelic space early.

Shifting Strategy, MAPS Turns to Equity Investment

In an effort to raise funding for commercialization of MDMA-assisted therapy, MAPS partnered with an investment bank to sell equity in its Public Benefit Corporation.

Synthesis Founder Confirms Bankruptcy of Dutch Sister Company

The CEO of Synthesis speaks out about the recent bankruptcy of the Dutch sister company that left the U.S. practitioner training program in upheaval. 

The Anatomy of Synthesis’ Collapse

What are the lessons for the psychedelic ecosystem from the collapse of Synthesis Institute?

Group Therapy Holds Promise for Psychedelic-Based Treatments

A clinical trial launched by Sunstone Therapies demonstrated the effectiveness of group therapy as part of psilocybin-assisted therapy for depression. 

Inside Synthesis Institute’s Implosion

The organization, including its Dutch retreats business and psychedelic facilitator training programs, plus a 124-acre property in Oregon, filed for bankruptcy this month, leaving its students and employees in limbo.