Decriminalize Nature Promotes New Oakland Initiative While Condemning Fellow Activists

Decriminalize Nature national leadership publishes statements denouncing fellow activists, including David Bronner, while Portland’s branch of DN opposes Oregon psilocybin ballot measures.

60 Percent of DC Voters Support Plant Medicine Decriminalization

Organizers credit education around Initiative 81 for increasing voter support by 9% since April.

Should Law Enforcement Use Ketamine to Sedate People?

Dr. Carl Spitzer, an emergency physician and ketamine therapist, discusses how ketamine is used as a sedative, whether law enforcement should administer it, and why ketamine therapists have spoken out against the fatal use of ketamine to sedate Elijah McClain.

Peyote Decriminalization Opposed by Groups Seeking to Protect the Plant from Poaching

Concerns about peyote extinction are voiced by the Huichol’s regional council, while Decriminalize Nature Santa Cruz pledges to amend its local resolution and remove peyote from decrim legislation.

What Kind of Psychedelic Use Is Protected by the Law?

In lieu of the recent bust of Zide Door Church of Entheogenic Plants, Lucid News talks to lawyer Dan Peterson about what kind of psychedelic use is protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

Psychedelic Organizations Make Efforts to Address Racism

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, how are psychedelic organizations instituting change? We surveyed the field.

Why the DEA Went After a Small-Time Mushroom Dealer in Denver

Possession and use of magic mushrooms are decriminalized in Denver, but the reckless actions of a man accused of selling may lead to a 20-year prison sentence and $1 million fine.

What Local Mushroom Decrim Means to the Feds: Interview with Lawyer David Holland

As cities and states begin decriminalizing magic mushrooms and other psychedelics, are users protected from arrest by the DEA or federal law enforcement? The legal director of Empire State NORML untangles this complex issue.

Elijah McClain’s Death Spotlights Ketamine Use in Law Enforcement Actions

Attorney for McClain’s family confirms that they will file a federal civil rights lawsuit to seek justice, as providers of therapeutic ketamine speak out against forced sedation.

LSD Chemist And Psychedelic Icon William Leonard Pickard To Be Released From Prison

Pickard to receive Compassionate Release after 17 years of incarceration for what the DEA called the largest LSD bust in history.