Elijah McClain’s Death Spotlights Ketamine Use in Law Enforcement Actions

Attorney for McClain’s family confirms that they will file a federal civil rights lawsuit to seek justice, as providers of therapeutic ketamine speak out against forced sedation.

LSD Chemist And Psychedelic Icon William Leonard Pickard To Be Released From Prison

Pickard to receive Compassionate Release after 17 years of incarceration for what the DEA called the largest LSD bust in history.

Two Aligned Psilocybin Initiatives Gain Necessary Signatures To Be on Oregon Ballot in November

One initiative creates a statewide psilocybin-assisted therapy program, and the other decriminalizes low-level possession of all drugs while opening addiction recovery centers.

How the Drug War Fuels Police Brutality

Drug Policy Alliance’s Ifetayo Harvey talks about how the war on drugs fuels police brutality, and why antiracism is everyone’s responsibility.

Street Protests in a Digital Age: A Talk with DJ Spooky

Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, discusses racism, protests, and the need for new ideologies in the digital era. “Creating a post-capitalist situation means reconstructing human identity from the ground up,” says Miller.

NY Assembly Bill to Legalize Psilocybin Raises Questions Among Activists

Who benefits from a law that doesn’t cover magic mushrooms and has no provisions for therapeutic use?

Florida Ayahuasca Church Seeks Federal Exemption

Soul Quest asks permission from the DEA to use ayahuasca in ceremonies, a move that some say is counterproductive.

Decriminalization Doesn’t End the Drug War: A Talk with DanceSafe’s Mitchell Gomez

The executive director of the harm reduction organization reflects on a year of psilocybin decrim in Denver.

Denver Marks First Year of Magic Mushroom Decriminalization

Psilocybin mushroom decrim has been a great success, says Decriminalize Denver’s Kevin Matthews in this exclusive video interview.

Biden RAVE Act Legislation From 2003 Continues to Impede Risk Reduction Efforts

Law championed by presidential hopeful has chilling effect on initiatives to protect the safety of festival participants.