Connecticut Cites FDA Program to Launch Psychedelic Therapy Pilot

The innovative legislation uses the FDA’s Expanded Access Program to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy to vets, frontline workers and first-responders.

Protests at DEA for Medical Psilocybin Lead to Arrests

David Bronner was among the activists arrested at DEA Headquarters advocating for “Right To Try” access to psilocybin for terminally ill patients.

Oregon Issues Draft of Magic Mushroom Cultivation Rules

The proposal prohibits synthetic psilocybin and echoes state food preparation and legalized cannabis guidelines.

Decrim Movement Split Over Peyote, Possession Limits, and Tactics

Decriminalize Nature’s controversial stances on hot button issues has led to the birth of new groups independent of the national organization.

Decriminalize Nature Feels Growing Pains as Local Groups Clash with Board

The activist group Decriminalize Nature catalyzed a national movement, but the board’s new guidelines reflect tensions within the grassroots movement.

Protestors Target the DEA in Support of Psilocybin for Terminally Ill Patients

David Bronner is spearheading a sit-in at DEA headquarters next month to demand access to psilocybin for patients under the federal “Right to Try” law.

Terminally Ill Patients Fight for Access to Psilocybin Under Federal “Right to Try” Act

Patients who were denied end-of-life psychedelic therapy by the DEA turn to Senator Patty Murray to intervene with the federal agency. 

Three Bills Seek to Shift Psychedelics Policy in New York State

The bills would create a state-funded research institute, decriminalize magic mushrooms, and provide psilocybin-assisted therapy for eligible patients.

California’s Proposed Psychedelic Decrim Bill Paused in State Assembly

California’s pending psychedelic decrim bill SB 519 is being held in the state legislature to give the coalition behind the legislation time to build support. 

More States Follow Oregon’s Lead Toward Legal Psilocybin Therapy

New York and Washington consider bills to legalize the medical use of psilocybin, while Colorado voters might establish medical frameworks for psilocybin therapy this November.