Protestors Target the DEA in Support of Psilocybin for Terminally Ill Patients

David Bronner is spearheading a sit-in at DEA headquarters next month to demand access to psilocybin for patients under the federal “Right to Try” law.

Terminally Ill Patients Fight for Access to Psilocybin Under Federal “Right to Try” Act

Patients who were denied end-of-life psychedelic therapy by the DEA turn to Senator Patty Murray to intervene with the federal agency. 

Three Bills Seek to Shift Psychedelics Policy in New York State

The bills would create a state-funded research institute, decriminalize magic mushrooms, and provide psilocybin-assisted therapy for eligible patients.

California’s Proposed Psychedelic Decrim Bill Paused in State Assembly

California’s pending psychedelic decrim bill SB 519 is being held in the state legislature to give the coalition behind the legislation time to build support. 

More States Follow Oregon’s Lead Toward Legal Psilocybin Therapy

New York and Washington consider bills to legalize the medical use of psilocybin, while Colorado voters might establish medical frameworks for psilocybin therapy this November.

DEA Proposes Adding Five Psychedelic Compounds to Schedule 1

Concerned scientists say that the proposal will inevitably hamper vital research of nearly 100 related compounds.

How is Oregon Preparing for the Facilitated Use of Psilocybin?

Oregon is innovating the first legal system in the U.S. to train and regulate facilitators of psilocybin experiences.

Health Canada Takes Small Step Towards Accessible Psychedelic Medicine

Canada has loosened restrictions for doctors to use MDMA and psilocybin to treatment-resistant conditions and terminally ill patients, but the approval process is slower than some patients can afford.

Texas Leads the Way in Bi-Partisan Support for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Research

Pioneering research into psilocybin for treating veterans with PTSD has made Republicans like Rick Perry unlikely allies with Democrats in the Texas legislature.

Detroit Votes to Decriminalize Psychedelics

On Tuesday, Detroit citizens passed a ballot that makes plant-based psychedelics the lowest priority for law enforcement.