Psychedelic Therapists Must Be Trained to Set Sexual Boundaries

Allegations of sexual violations in psychedelic therapy highlight the need to train psychedelic guides to set boundaries that support the potential for appropriate touch.

What’s the Best Psychedelic Therapy Protocol? It’s Debatable.

Some researchers claim psychedelic therapy requires a lot of support, while others argue that it’s better to be less hands on, so treatment can be more widely available.

Can Psychedelic Masculinity Stop War?

A psychedelic men’s movement can challenge militarism, continue what #MeToo started, and imagine freedom beyond male supremacy.

Can MDMA Help Heal Grief?

A psychotherapist describes how MDMA, used in a private gathering with friends, can help heal grief. 

Psilocybin Leaps Ahead of Other Psychedelics in Trials and Studies

New analysis reveals a growing interest in psilocybin that outpaces previous frontrunners MDMA and LSD.

Do Psychedelics Boost Creativity?

A recent study used a battery of tests to determine what happens to creativity under a low-to-medium dose of psychedelics.

MAPS Publishes Open Science Approach to Synthesizing MDMA

The founder of Blossom breaks apart a recent study on the process of synthesizing MDMA in this monthly column.

Can Western Medicine Include the Sacred in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy?

It’s time for psychotherapists to study the shamanic approach to plant medicine alongside their clinical applications and molecular structures.

I Almost Became a Casualty of the Drug War

I came close to getting arrested as a college student for selling acid at a Grateful Dead show, which would have changed my life irrevocably.

Can a Values-Centered Psychedelic Ecosystem Effectively Compete?

As MAPS and Vine Ventures pioneer a $70 million social impact funding vehicle for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, it’s unclear how it will be received by funders accustomed to traditional venture capital investment models.