COMPASS’ Published Results Take its Psilocybin into Final Phase of Clinical Trials

The results of the company’s Phase 2b trial raise concerns around safety, efficacy, and money, suggesting key questions to be addressed in Phase 3.

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UNIFY founder Adil Kassam discusses how technology coupled with global group meditation can facilitate synchronized transformational experiences among millions of people.

Will the Psychedelic Revolution Be Medicalized?

The medicalization of psychedelics may be changing people’s minds, but can these developments result in deeper changes in how we view or access medicine?

Psychedelic Medicine Is Going Beyond PTSD and Depression

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Medidosing LSD: The Middle Way

Between tripping hard on 200 mcgs of acid and microdosing lies a vast dosing territory ripe for exploration and flow states.

A Terminally Ill Patient Shares How Psilocybin Helps Him Live in the Present

After being diagnosed with cancer two days before his wedding, Steven Allgood turned to psilocybin to alleviate his end-of-life anxiety, and transform his perspective on life and what may come after.

Do Bad Psychedelic Patents Matter?

The way patents in the psychedelic field can pose a problem is often misunderstood, mischaracterized, and sensationalized by the media and academics alike.

Celebrating the Psychedelic Dawn

If all goes well, in two years MDMA will become the first Schedule 1 psychedelic to cross the federal approval finish line and become a prescription medication.

What Psychedelic Tech Works Best with a Float Tank?

Nick Janicki of True REST float spas discusses combining psychedelics with float tanks, the problem with transhumanism, and expanding consciousness through float tanks, plunges and saunas.