Taking Microdosing with a Pinch of Salt

Floris Wolswijk, the founder of Blossom, breaks apart a recent study about the mental health benefits of microdosing in this monthly column.

How the Psychedelic Community Should Respond to Sexual Abuse

We all should ask what we can do to help ensure that psychedelic therapy is safe and ethical and how we should respond when accusations of abuse are brought to light. 

Singing to the Waters During Times of Ecological Crisis

As we face an increasingly destabilized world, can we fuse scientific understanding with indigenous people’s deep instinct of reciprocity?

Talking to the Rotary Club about Psychedelic Therapy

Speaking to a mainstream American audience about psychedelic therapy revealed their central concerns, along with an eagerness to learn more.

Mystical Experience Defines Psychedelics

With true psychedelics, the one essential bedrock factor is that they can and often do generate a mystical experience that is life changing.

This Summer Might Be a Psychedelic Dumpster Fire. Are You Ready?

Psychedelic risk reduction strategies will be especially important as we address the collective trauma of the pandemic.

MORE Act Envisions Federal Decriminalization for Cannabis and Beyond

With strong support in Congress, the passage of the MORE Act would expand treatment and economic opportunities while protecting cannabis users from losing public benefits and risking deportation.

What You Need To Know About Testing Your Drugs

As all unregulated market substances are prone to misrepresentation and adulteration, it’s important that those who consume substances learn how to check their drugs.

2020’s Most Groundbreaking Developments in Psychedelics

From landmark decriminalization measures to pathbreaking scientific research to the explosion of digital psychedelic culture, Lucid News shares 12 of the past year’s most impactful developments in psychedelics.

Why I Started a Psychedelic Law Firm

Lawyers can bring psychedelic values into the lawyering process, leveraging our skills to foster collaboration, communication and healing.