A Tale of Two Strategies: Does COMPASS Have the Right One?

The company views patents and monopolies as necessary ingredients for success, while others suggest the strategy hinders industry growth and innovation. 

Where Did 2022 Take the Psychedelic Medicine Field?

The past year saw plummeting valuations for psychedelic companies, a late comeback for stock values, emerging methodical challenges in clinical trials, and some organizations’ strategic – but contested – move away from psychedelia’s “cultural baggage.”

Exploring the Challenges of Psychedelic Integration

A new research project aims to destigmatize long lasting negative psychedelic experiences and investigate support methods.

Colorado’s Decriminalization of Ibogaine Comes With Unique Risks

While there is reason to celebrate any drug policy reform victory, Coloradans need to be aware of the unique risks particular to ibogaine.

How Should Young People Learn About Drugs?

Harm reduction may be the answer, but D.A.R.E. programs are still active in 75 % of U.S. school districts and in more than 43 countries.

Oregon’s Psychedelic Data Would Benefit Legalization – If Done Right

Data is essential for the expansion of services, but it must be implemented in a way that protects both client and facilitators.

Are You Experienced?

It behooves anyone who intends to work as a psychedelic guide to have psychedelic experience; you’re either on the bus or you’re not.

Digital Therapeutics and Psychedelic Medicines are Evolving Together

In this interview, Firefly VR founder Shel Mann discusses how immersive technology can help prepare patients for psychedelic therapies, and the integration of virtual tools into mainstream healthcare.

To Trip or Not to Trip? Why Non-Hallucinogenic Treatments Must Be Part of the Solution

The therapeutic benefits of psychedelic medicines may not require the psychoactive effects.

COMP360 Psilocybin Therapy Shows Promise in Bipolar Disorder

The early results of a COMPASS Pathways clinical trial quell some concerns related to the safety of psychedelic therapy for individuals with bipolar disorder.