How Ketamine Helps Me to Chase the Muse and Transcend the Blues

An intimate look at a ketamine meditation that melts in your mouth, then in your mind.

Drugs, the Israelites and the Emergence of Patriarchy

New evidence suggests that the combination of cannabis and frankincense was used to create visionary states among the early Israelites. The findings also offer clues to the rise of monotheism and the banishment of female deities from the Judeo-Christian tradition.

The Bitter Side of Ayahuasca

Many are saying that the Ayahuasca experience is a gift from spirit to humanity. But what is the hidden cost of your plant medicine cup?

What Isn’t Psychedelic (and Contemplations on the Nature of What IS)?

Keanu Reeves is psychedelic, Ethan Hawke is not. Laura Dern is psychedelic, Drew Barrymore is not. Taylor Swift is psychedelic, Lady Gaga is definitely not.

Don’t Get Caught in a Trip Trap; Psychedelic Lessons for this Collective Moment

There are many things that make this moment like an acid trip. Everybody seems to be experiencing elaborate downloads. Here is where having a decade of consistent practice with psychedelics comes in handy.

Statement in Solidarity Against Racism

Lucid News announces a new program to train POC journalists.

The Power of Psychedelic Communities, Through the Lens of an Activist POTC

A Person of TechnoColor reflects on how psychedelic communities can aid the global struggle for equality, peace, and resilience.

Of Argonauts and Psychonauts

A reflection on New York’s Argosy Book Store and the enduring vitality of vintage psychedelic books.

The Technodelic Manifesto

A new video game genre is emerging that weaves together hypnosis, ceremony, meditation, and neuroscience, and is rooted in prayer.

Bicycle Day and The Spirit of Basel

A conference honoring Albert Hofmann on this 100th birthday was the starting point for today’s psychedelic renaissance.