Bruce Damer

Dr. Bruce Damer is a Canadian-American multidisciplinary scientist, designer, and author. In his role as a world-renowned astrobiologist at the UC Santa Cruz Department of Biomolecular Engineering, Dr. Damer collaborates with colleagues developing and testing a new scenario for the origin of life on Earth and where it might arise in the universe. As a designer he has provided innovative spacecraft architectures to NASA and others which could provide a viable path for the expansion of life and human civilization beyond the Earth. He is co-founder of MINDS. He also serves as Chief Scientist at the BIOTA Institute. His work has been featured in high-level scientific journals, popular science publications, news outlets, documentaries and on numerous podcasts. He collaborates with a wide range of scientists and thinkers in fields as diverse as evolutionary biology, philosophy, spirituality, and AI. He is a frequent speaker on topics in science, space, and the philosophical and spiritual implications of the scientific quest to discover the solution to the mystery of our deepest origins.

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