How LSD Can Help Manage Autistic Sensory Issues

In this video interview, Orsini describes how he used LSD to help treat his own autism, and what he’s doing to increase awareness for psychedelic-assisted approaches to treating autism.

MAPS Announces Findings from Phase 2 MDMA Clinical Trials for PTSD

The benefits of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy appear to grow over time, but the study lacks racial diversity.

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The psychiatrist and psychedelics expert Julie Holland discusses why human connection is important for both physical wellbeing and for the body politic in her new book, Good Chemistry.

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Silo Wellness Offers Free Psilocybin Retreat for Covid-19 Frontline Workers

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Groundbreaking Model Reveals New Insights about Psilocybin’s Effect on the Brain

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Utah Clinician Exemplifies Innovation in Ketamine Therapy

SLC Ketamine claims longer lasting benefits from its approach, while offering free treatments to veterans.

Therapists See Benefits and Risks in Psychedelic Therapy During Covid-19 Crisis

The pandemic is changing the way psychedelic therapists work with clients. While MDMA-assisted therapy is being suspended, ketamine-assisted therapy is going online.

New Study Shows Psilocybin Use Improves Mindfulness

The day may be coming when mindfulness retreats include a psilocybin experience as part of the training.