Psychedelics Open Opportunity to Study Synesthesia

The pairing of sound and color is the most common form of synesthesia on psychedelics, researchers found.

What Research Doesn’t Tell Us About Older Psychedelic Users

The risks psychedelics may hold for older generations are still unknown, but the rewards could include treating pain, processing grief and trauma, and helping women in menopause.

New Research Probes Psilocybin’s Effect on Suicidality

A review of psilocybin therapy for terminal patients becomes more relevant in light of recent research from Compass Pathways.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy on the Rise in VA Hospitals

Veterans Administration medical centers across the country are creating and deploying protocols for psychedelic therapy.

New York City Opens First U.S. Overdose Prevention Centers 

Amid record overdose deaths, New York City has opened the first overdose prevention centers despite mixed signals from the Biden Administration.

New Survey Suggests Psychedelics Could Help Heal the Complex Trauma of Child Abuse

Participants who had experienced childhood abuse and used psychedelics with therapeutic intent reported feeling less internalized shame.

Ketamine Users Can Help Ensure Safety with DanceSafe’s Testing Kit

The new kit uses the Morris reagent, the only known chemical that reacts to the presence of ketamine.

Psychedelic Usage is On the Rise Among College-Age Adults

A national drug survey of U.S. adolescents and adults found that psychedelic use among young adults has reached its highest levels since 1982.

Researchers Debate the Role of Mysticism in Psychedelic Science

As psychedelic-assisted therapies enter the medical and pharmaceutical mainstream, some scientists are pushing back against a mystical mindset that permeates much of this growing movement.

Cannabis Can Trigger Breakthrough Mystical Experiences Similar to Those in Psilocybin Studies

The results suggest that despite differences in pharmacology, there may be a role for cannabis in the emerging psychedelic therapy paradigm alongside tryptamine psychedelics.