Study Reveals How LSD Leads to Greater Brain Flexibility

A recent study shows that LSD makes neuronal pathways in the brain more flexible, creating new connections typically not allowed by the brain’s rigid structure.

Psychedelic Stigma Affects Public Perception of Researchers, Suggests Study

A new study finds that psychedelic researchers who admit to using psychedelics are viewed with more skepticism than those who abstain.

Cacao: The Love Drug

Chocolate is a staple on Valentine’s Day, but not all chocolate is created equal. Unlike Hershey’s chocolate hearts, ceremonial cacao, or raw chocolate, is a gentle plant medicine that may produce psychoactive effects and send your Valentine’s Day in a psychedelic direction.

LSD May Be Effective for Treating Social Anxiety, Suggests New Study

While LSD has long been known to enhance our connection to other people, the reasons why have been hard to pin down – until now. A new study may have uncovered the mystery of LSD’s marked effects on social behavior.

Psychedelics Shown to Ease the Effects of Racial Trauma

A study of BIPOC finds that in the 30 days following experiences with LSD, psilocybin or MDMA, symptoms associated with racial trauma decreased.

The Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics and Nature Explored in New Review

The overlapping benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy and nature immersion therapy could transform clinical practice, the authors explain in this interview.

Ketamine Clinicians Publish Ethical Guidelines to Raise Treatment Standards

The guidelines call for mental health professionals to be present on treatment teams that provide ketamine-assisted therapies.

MDMA-Assisted Therapy Less Effective for Patients Who Use SSRIs, Study Shows

Reviewing the results of six phase 2 clinical trials, researchers discovered that PTSD patients who had used SSRIs had suboptimal results from MDMA-assisted psychotherapy.

How to Plan Your Psychedelic Journey

Embracing the infinite isn’t as simple as dosing and coasting. DanceSafe’s expert advisor dives deep into set, setting, integration and the wide world of tripping.

How To Provide Psychedelic Support

Pro tips that you can use in any situation, anywhere, in any setting, from a full time crisis counselor.