Could Ketamine Restore Child-like Brain Plasticity and Learning?

A new study with mice suggests that ketamine and exposure to flickering light can restore the neural plasticity of childhood.

Psychedelics May Inspire Healthier Habits, Review Finds

Evidence suggests that psychedelics may lead to long-lasting improvements in overall wellness due to positive behavior changes.

Ketamine May Combat Depression in Teens

Surprising findings in a new study suggest the common anesthetic and sometimes club drug might also make teens more resilient to stress-induced depression after treatment.

First Study on Psychedelics and Epigenetics Explores Ayahuasca’s Effects on Gene Expression

An innovative study finds that ayahuasca impacts the expression of DNA, illuminating what makes ayahuasca so therapeutic.

Is Vivaldi Necessary for Psychedelic Therapy?

Western classical music is the the go-to for clinical psychedelic experiences, but a new study suggests it may be less effective than other genres, like overtone-based music.

Mescaline is Resurgent (Yet Again) As a Potential Medicine

Mescaline, one of the first classical psychedelics, is beginning to attract the interest of psychedelic researchers conducting clinical trials.

Low Dose Nitrous Oxide as a Possible Alternative to Ketamine for Treating Depression, Study Shows

The anesthetic gas could provide the same rapid relief of severe depression as ketamine, but with fewer side effects.

As the Pandemic Wanes and the Party Kicks Off, Drug Testing and Safety Are More Important Than Ever

The public conversation around drugs is shifting, as harm reduction advocates point to a growing body of evidence that most harm and fatalities derive from preventable circumstances.

Could Psilocybin Treat Depression without the Trip?

New research on mice suggests that the “trip is not necessary for the acute antidepressant effect.”

Compass Releases Framework for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist Training Program

Therapists participating in Compass Pathways clinical trials receive instruction in a proprietary training methodology and model of psychological support.