American Adults Increase LSD Use By 56 Percent

LSD use in American adults rose over 50 percent between 2015 and 2018, a surge that one researcher attributes to rising national chaos.

60-Plus Psychedelic Clinical Trials Listed on Online Directory

A network of psychedelic healthcare providers offers a comprehensive global directory of psychedelic clinical trials that are actively enrolling.

To Prevent Corruption, Psychedelics Researchers Call for Ethics Guidelines

A group of Canadian researchers proposes clear guidelines for academic researchers to keep the field of psychedelic science transparent.

DARPA Funds $27 Million Project to Create Psychedelic-Inspired Psychiatric Drugs Without the Trip

Researchers at the University of North Carolina use new techniques to create medicines that duplicate the effectiveness of ketamine and psilocybin as treatments for depression without the psychoactive effects.

Eleusis Draws on Research Into Psychedelics To Develop New Medicines for Inflammation

The company is researching the anti-inflammatory properties of psychedelics to create new drugs with reduced psychoactivity.

Researcher Charles Nichols Studies the Impact of Psychedelic Substances on Inflammation

Critical research sponsored by the Eleusis Benefit Corporation could lead to new drugs for Alzeimers and Retinal Disease.

MindMed Announces New Technology that Optimizes Psychedelic Dosing

The company is developing a technology that seeks to personalize psychedelic therapy experiences for patients.

How LSD Can Help Manage Autistic Sensory Issues

In this video interview, Orsini describes how he used LSD to help treat his own autism, and what he’s doing to increase awareness for psychedelic-assisted approaches to treating autism.

MAPS Announces Findings from Phase 2 MDMA Clinical Trials for PTSD

The benefits of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy appear to grow over time, but the study lacks racial diversity.

Our Country Is in Fight or Flight, Says Psychiatrist Julie Holland

The psychiatrist and psychedelics expert Julie Holland discusses why human connection is important for both physical wellbeing and for the body politic in her new book, Good Chemistry.