Navigating New York City’s Ketamine Clinics

Ketamine clinics, which look like everything from a med spa to an art gallery, are cropping up all over the country, including progressive and wealthy cities such as New York.

A New Psychedelic Organization is Merging Shamanism and Science

BMed, a new Spanish nonprofit that will focus on training psychedelic facilitators and educating the general public, stresses the need for community building in the burgeoning psychedelic revival.

Novamind Brings Contract Research To Psychedelic Medicine

The mental health company Novamind is at the forefront of providing contract research services with clinical expertise in psychedelic-assisted therapies. 

Will Psychedelic Companies Embrace Indigenous Reciprocity?

A growing number of psychedelic companies are launching programs to give back to the indigenous tribes whose traditional uses of psychedelics have been critical in shaping contemporary approaches to these medicines.

Companies Compete to Create DMT Therapies

Therapies are being developed for conditions ranging from Treatment Resistant Depression to strokes to addiction.

Lessons the Psychedelics Industry Can Learn From the Cannabis Market Bubble

Parallels between business and regulation strategies in the two sectors point to examples of what psychedelics companies should and should not do.

Turning Everyday Therapist Offices into Ketamine Clinics

A new wave of companies are assisting counselors with medicine, records, music and training.

Startup Miraculix Creates First Rapid, Mobile Test Kits For Concentrations of MDMA, LSD, and Psilocybin

Miraculix’s kit, the first to offer quantitative rapid results within 10 to 30 minutes, is a significant innovation considering many of the substances people desire to test are illegal.

Cybin Moves Forward With Market Strategies for Expansion Into Psychedelic Therapies

Cybin and Greenbrook announce partnership to roll out clinic expansion and development of psychedelic therapies.

Wake Network Successfully Completes First Legal Importation of Psilocybin Mushrooms into the U.S.

The DEA approved shipment is a milestone toward legal access to psilocybin mushrooms for U.S. clinical research and health treatments.