Cybin Moves Forward With Market Strategies for Expansion Into Psychedelic Therapies

Cybin and Greenbrook announce partnership to roll out clinic expansion and development of psychedelic therapies.

Wake Network Successfully Completes First Legal Importation of Psilocybin Mushrooms into the U.S.

The DEA approved shipment is a milestone toward legal access to psilocybin mushrooms for U.S. clinical research and health treatments.

An Investor Looks at Drug Development Strategies of Top Psychedelic Companies

Some leading developers of psychedelic medicines are focusing on both plant-derived and synthetic molecules to create unique therapies.

How an Investor Evaluates Five Leading Psychedelic Therapy Companies

Lindsay Hoover of the JLS Fund examines the market strategies of five publicly traded companies favored by investors to bring psychedelic-assisted therapy to the mainstream.

CryptoPsychedelic Conferences Examine Links Between Psychedelics and Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have funded psychedelic research and may pave the way for financial systems that replicate more decentralized psychedelic business structures.

Red Light Holland, the First Public Canadian Psychedelics Company, Is Ready To Sell You Magic Truffles

Canada-based Red Light Holland is selling psilocybin truffles in the Netherlands where they are legal and eyeing other markets for non-medical use of psychedelics.

Cybin To Develop Psychedelic Therapies Using Brain Imaging

Cybin is using the Flow neuroimaging technology developed by Kernel to create targeted and customized doses of psychedelic compounds for mental health treatment.

New Professional Associations for Medical and Legal Practitioners Emerge for the Psychedelic Space

The mainstreaming of psychedelics has led to the formation of a new wave of professional organizations to establish best practices for the entheogenic frontier.

Wearable Ketamine Delivery Device Developed As Alternative to Opioid-Based Pain Management

Therapies using small amounts of psychedelic compounds may be the future of pain management.

Psychedelics Reshape Questions About Bioethics and Religion

In this week’s Trip Report: Harvard Law students ask if psychedelics can help save America; a new book covers the role of psychedelics in ancient religions; the Canadian parliament is on the clock to decriminalize psychedelics; and more.