A New Database Seeks to Prevent “Bad” Psychedelic Patents

Porta Sophia is building an online database of prior art pertaining to psychedelics with the goal of improving the flawed psychedelic patent process.

Funders at Johns Hopkins Shape The Future of Psychedelic Research

Partnerships between funders and researchers at Johns Hopkins illustrate how companies influence the direction of psychedelic science and the release of research data to the public domain.

These Natural Psilocybin Droplets Come in Exact Dosages and Don’t Upset Your Stomach

Mimosa Therapeutics has created a cultured psilocybin mycelium product called Pearls that can be precisely dosed like synthetic psilocybin, but contains all the mushroom’s compounds.

Companies Eye Oregon’s Growing Psilocybin Business Boom

Retreats, converted ketamine clinics, patient management software, professional associations and other service providers ramp up for Oregon’s psilocybin gold rush.

Gabon Takes First Step Toward Legal Export of Sustainable Iboga

The NGO Blessings of the Forest is spearheading the new arrangement under the Nagoya Protocol, applying an international treaty to a psychedelic substance for the first time.

More Companies Embrace 5-MeO-DMT to Create Therapies

The psychedelic compound in toad venom is being used to develop therapies for everything from cluster headaches to chronic depression.

Scientists Create Cell-Based Psychedelic Toad Venom, a Potential 5-MeO-DMT “Bio-Factory”

The innovation may be the ethical alternative to the controversial practice of collecting Bufo toad venom.

Rick Doblin Explains MAPS’ New $70 Million Investment Fund With Vine Ventures

In an exclusive interview, Doblin discusses MAPS’s goal to raise $150 over the next three years, and their $70 million investment fund with Vine Ventures to help meet that funding goal.

Navigating New York City’s Ketamine Clinics

Ketamine clinics, which look like everything from a med spa to an art gallery, are cropping up all over the country, including progressive and wealthy cities such as New York.

A New Psychedelic Organization is Merging Shamanism and Science

BMed, a new Spanish nonprofit that will focus on training psychedelic facilitators and educating the general public, stresses the need for community building in the burgeoning psychedelic revival.