Do Psychedelics Demand an Innovative Approach to Patents?

Industry leaders are exploring alternative IP strategies that can fuel creativity in psychedelic medicine.

Gilgamesh Tweaks Known Psychedelics To Improve Therapies

The company has closed a $39 million round of financing to optimize existing substances, which they say will make them safer and more effective.

Regulatory Hurdles Challenge Oregon Psilocybin Providers

Entrepreneurs opening psilocybin businesses in Oregon face difficulties finding liability insurance and sympathetic landlords.

Tactogen Supports Community Investment in Drug Development

The company has launched a Community Stakeholder Initiative that allows more people to invest in next-generation MDMA-like medicines.

Oregon Psilocybin Entrepreneurs Navigate Business Requirements

As psilocybin businesses prepare to open under state law next year, entrepreneurs are looking to lawyers to help them navigate complex and challenging regulatory requirements. 

Awakn Navigates the Tough Market for Investment Capital

The drug development company inspires psychedelics experts, but struggles to raise funds for its ketamine-assisted therapies and addiction treatments.

Now Companies Can Buy Insurance To Cover Ketamine Therapy for Employees

Enthea will provide psychedelic health care benefits through employers, with plans to expand across 40 states.

Carey Turnbull Wears Many Hats as a Donor and Investor

The founder of two leading psychedelic science companies and an influential nonprofit is shaping research, as well as efforts to patent it. 

What’s the Future of Eleusis Therapeutics After Acquisition by Beckley Psytech?

Eleusis’ IV form of psilocin will see clinical trials, but Eleusis-backed research into the anti-inflammatory properties of psychedelics is uncertain.

Eleusis Holdings Plans To Be Acquired By Beckley Psytech

The acquisition is the latest sign of stress among startups in the sector, which has seen valuations plummet.