Biden’s Drug Policy Priorities Are a Small Step in the Right Direction, But Old Attitudes Linger

The new “Statement of Drug Policy Priorities for Year One” focuses on drug prevention, treatment, and recovery, with a nod toward racially sensitive criminal justice reform, but also relies on prohibitionist drug war policies at home and abroad.

Why Canada Is Pulling the Plug on Its War on Drugs

In response to Canada’s historically racist war on drugs and its growing drug overdose crisis, the Liberal Party of Canada moves to reform the country’s criminal justice system and drug policies with a new bill. But is it enough?

Psychedelic Decriminalization Initiatives Are In Motion Across the Country

A roundup of 14 current decrim bills and ballot initiatives shows the momentum building for psychedelic drug reform on the state and local level.

Getting Busted After Decrim: An Interview with Kole Milner, the Denver Man Who Was Growing and Selling Mushrooms

A Denver man was arrested for growing and selling magic mushrooms after receiving copious press attention following the state’s decriminalization of psilocybin. Here’s what he has to say about what transpired.

Two California Initiatives Aim to Reform Psychedelics Drug Policy

A California State Senate bill and a ballot measure share the long term goal of legalizing psychedelics, but their strategies and specific approaches are markedly different.

Denver Magic Mushroom Dealer Is Sentenced to Parole

The first prosecution of a psilocybin dealer since Denver passed decriminalization in 2019 may signal how those selling psychedelics will be treated by law enforcement.

Somerville Is the Latest City to Decriminalize Entheogenic Plants and Fungi

The City Council unanimously approved the measure, which was supported by the mayor and led by Decriminalize Nature Massachusetts and Bay Staters for Natural Medicine.

From Psychedelic Decrim to No-Knock Warrants: The Top Ten Drug Policy Stories of 2020

Changes in policy and reduced policing of drug laws has impacted users of psychedelics, as has the Covid-19 pandemic, which is increasing the need for mental health and addiction treatments.

Oakland’s Next Step in Psychedelic Decriminalization Approved Unanimously by City Council

The resolution calls for decrim throughout California and protection for community-based healing ceremonies, in line with a bill being drafted in the state Senate.

Biden Promises Reform of His Punitive Drug Laws

President-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris have pledged major reforms of drug laws to shift the criminal justice system away from incarceration towards still controversial mandated treatment and drug courts.