House Report Calls on NIH to Study Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies

In “smoke signal” to federal agencies, a House Committee report urges government funded psychedelic research.

Personal Possession Limits Added to California Decrim Bill to Move It Through Health Committee

Amendments to the SB 519 California decriminalization bill include limits on personal possession, a switch from social sharing to “facilitated or supported use,” harm reduction training and education for first responders.

Shamanic Ceremony Leaders Join Forces to Shape Legal Strategy through the Sacred Plant Alliance

The new group of about a dozen practitioners aims to advance legal protections by setting standards for the ceremonial use of ayahuasca, psilocybin, and other sacramental plant medicines.

Portrayed As Date Rape Drug, Ketamine Is Removed from California Decrim Bill

The removal of ketamine prior to the Assembly Public Safety Committee hearing marks the latest concession on the path to move psychedelic decriminalization bill SB 519 through California’s legislature.

Drug Policy Reform Act Is Introduced in Congress but Faces Long Road Ahead

Legislation to reform drug laws and criminal justice policies sponsored by Democratic Reps reflects new emphasis on harm reduction, but is low priority for the Biden administration.

California Decrim Bill Passes State Senate

SB 519, the California legislation that would decriminalize certain psychedelic substances, passed the state senate in a close vote.

Field Trip Eyes Washington, D.C. as Former Senator Tom Daschle Joins as an Advisor

The former majority leader joins one of largest psychedelic medicine companies as it turns its attention toward federal policymakers.

California Bill To Decriminalize Psychedelics Advances to Senate Floor for Vote

California legislators amended SB 519, which would decriminalize many psychedelics under state law, to lower the bill’s cost during a crucial committee hurdle.

Activists Evaluate Biden’s Efforts on Drug Policy

Researchers and activists are cautiously optimistic for drug policy reforms despite Biden’s past support for punitive drug laws.

Biden’s Drug Policy Priorities Are a Small Step in the Right Direction, But Old Attitudes Linger

The new “Statement of Drug Policy Priorities for Year One” focuses on drug prevention, treatment, and recovery, with a nod toward racially sensitive criminal justice reform, but also relies on prohibitionist drug war policies at home and abroad.