Hunter Biden’s Admission Of Toad Venom Use Signals A Sea Change For Addiction Treatments

His desperate search for sobriety led him to Mexico for treatment using 5-MeO-DMT, reflecting a growing interest in psychedelic-assisted therapies for addiction.

Neuroscape at UCSF Launches Psychedelic Research Division

Supported by $6.4 million in private funding, the Neuroscape neuroscience center investigates the experiential side of psychedelic therapies.

Researchers Are Closer to Understanding How Psilocybin Impacts the Brain

Researchers in Denmark shed light on psilocybin’s neurological effects after administering the substance to pigs in a recent study.

UCSF Launches Translational Psychedelic Research (TrPR) Program

TrPR Program takes an interdisciplinary and inclusive approach to investigating psychedelic-assisted therapies for higher risk patients.

Study Suggests Psychedelics Are Linked to Better Physical Health

A recent study finds that more psychedelic users report better physical health than those who’ve never used psychedelic substances.

More People Are Self-Medicating with Psychedelics, Says New Study

The world’s largest drug survey has found that some people are using psychedelics on their own to address mental health concerns.

Researchers Communicate with Lucid Dreamers, and It’s Pretty Psychedelic

Scientists have established real-time, two-way communication with people having lucid dreams, an experience that, according to two dream experts, is distinctly psychedelic in nature.

NYU Raises $10M For Psychedelic Research and Training Center

The NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine will conduct scientific analysis and train investigators how to conduct clinical research and preclinical research on psychedelic compounds.

Ketamine Providers Debate Standards of Care

Comments in support of ethical guidelines for ketamine clinicians stir pointed disagreements about integrative care and treatment for psychiatric indications.

Study Reveals How LSD Leads to Greater Brain Flexibility

A recent study shows that LSD makes neuronal pathways in the brain more flexible, creating new connections typically not allowed by the brain’s rigid structure.