April M. Short

April M. Short is a longtime professional journalist whose work has often focused on psychedelics, cannabis and issues stemming from the US-led global war on drugs. She is former Managing Editor and Drugs Section Editor at AlterNet, and has reported in this space for more than a decade. Her work appears in the San Francisco Chronicle LA Yoga, In These Times, The National Memo, Truthout Salon, Leafly and many other national outlets. She is currently a fellow for the Independent Media Institute, working on their Local Peace Economy media project, which explores cultural, social and economic approaches that uplift all people from the dominant global economic models built on war and oppression. The project is a collaboration with the women-led grassroots, anti-war organization CodePink. April has received grant funding for work in journalism from the psychedelic feminist organization Cosmic Sister and in 2017 worked as lead interviewer and co-editor on a documentary film project for the Psychedelic Science Conference, which was funded by MAPS. April also currently works on a contract basis as an assistant film editor for independent documentary projects, largely focused on environmental justice stories in the Pacific Northwest. April is committed to ethical, transparent journalism that explores and amplifies progressive and sustainable new ways of thinking about society, economics and being in the world.

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