Wayne Coyne Is Still Psychedelic at 60

The Flaming Lips frontman, who has shared much psychedelic wisdom over the years, now brings his music to live audiences in Covid-safe plastic bubbles.

10 of Our Great Reads from 2020

This list of 10 favorites published during Lucid News’ first year reflects the range of innovation and activity in today’s psychedelic space.

Remembering Psychedelic Activist and Drug Policy Pioneer Sheri Eckert, 1961-2020

The psychedelic community is mourning the sudden and tragic loss of therapist and psychedelic activist Sheri Eckert, who spearheaded the landmark legislation that legalized psilocybin therapy under state law in Oregon.

The Psychedelic Mushroom Behind Christmas

It may not be a coincidence that Santa Claus resembles the iconic red and white Amanita muscaria, a psychoactive mushroom widely used in pre-Christian winter solstice rituals.

Miley Cyrus Says Ayahuasca Changed Her Life

The now sober rock star recently discussed her experience with the vine, saying “Mama Ayahuasca” walked her through everything.

5-MeO-DMT Changed Mike Tyson’s Perspective on Life

The boxing legend says he looks at life differently ever since taking toad venom, and credits his return to fighting to the medicine.

Living an MDMA Love Letter

A “bright star in the constellation of the psychedelic family,” psychotherapist Charley Wininger and his wife Shelley connect people in the psychedelic space through their inclusive potlucks and MDMA gatherings.

DJs and Therapists Tune Into Altered States

DJs and therapists are evolving techniques to build music playlists that enhance psychedelic states of consciousness and the potential for healing.

Horizons Conference Shifts to Year-Round Films, Forums and Classes

Horizons founder Kevin Balktick believes that the film format is the best match for the present moment, and that virtual classes still fulfill their educational mission. Horizons kicks off its autumn season this week.

Magic Mushroom Cookbooks: How to Love the Taste of Tripping

From ginger lime chocolate truffle recipes to mushroom-infused rum, innovative chefs are making psilocybin mushrooms much more than just bearable.