Tom Hatsis

Thomas Hatsis is a public speaker and author in the field of psychedelic history with four books to his credit: The Witches' Ointment (2015), Psychedelic Mystery Traditions (2018), Microdosing Magic (2018), and LSD The Wonder Child (2021). He has articles published in both PsyPress UK and the Journal of Psychedelic Studies and has appeared on the GaiamTV shows "Beyond Belief with George Noory," "Psychedelica" and "Open Minds with Regina Meredith," and in the cannabis documentary "Kaneh Movie" (2019).   With co-founder Eden Woodruff, he runs the Psanctum Psychedelic Education Center and curates the Psanctum Psychedelic Library. They also run the weekly Psanctum Open Mic, and host the Psanctum Psychedelic Speaker Series and The Gaian Mind Psychedelic Conference.  As recently as Nov. 2022, Psanctum was entrusted with the task of digitizing and preserving materials from the last thirty three boxes of the Timothy Leary archive still in private collection. 

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