Robert Tindall

Robert Tindall is a storyteller, father, classical guitarist, and practitioner of Zen Buddhism and Amazonian vegetalismo whose work explores the crossing of frontiers into other cultures, time depths, and states of consciousness. He has written three books on shamanism and indigenous lifeways: The Jaguar that Roams the Mind, The Shamanic Odyssey: Homer, Tolkien, and the Visionary Experience, and Sacred Soil: Biochar and the Regeneration of the Earth, along with numerous articles on themes such as shamanic archaeology, healing of addiction, pilgrimage, the medieval quest, and the indigenous prophetic and healing traditions of the Americas. Robert works as a professor of literature and “consulting mythopoeiacist” (he’s proud to be pioneering this new profession!) and divides his time between the Amazon rain forest and the San Francisco Bay Area. He has just completed his first fantasy novel, inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairytale, “The White Snake.”

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