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How Mushrooms Helped Me Give Up My Dream of Being a Doctor

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How Mushrooms Helped Me Give Up My Dream of Being a Doctor

“I think what I really needed was to connect back to my intuition. Because all of these symptoms that I had was my soul screaming that this wasn’t right. And I wasn’t paying attention.”

In this episode of Adventures of the Psyche, we are joined by Julia Mirer. She shares how a seemingly uneventful psilocybin experience reconnected her with her intuition, helping her release an inherited dream of practicing western medicine and embark on a path of true discovery. 

Julia received her medical degree from Ross University, but after seeing the pitfalls of the healthcare system, she decided to shift gears to explore transformative medicine, where she found her calling in advocacy and education. Dr. Mirer is a consultant in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine, serving as a bridge between eastern and western practices, and is committed to merging the two in order to help create a new paradigm for integrative health and wellness.

Join filmmaker and host Mareesa Stertz for a brief visit into other realms where guests share personal stories of illumination, healing, and transformation through their use of psychedelics. See more Adventure of the Psyche episodes here.

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