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So You Wish To See?

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So You Wish To See?

The poet J. Ra offers some thoughts about embarking on voyages of self discovery with gratefulness, honor, and humility. Read and listen to reflections from a seasoned traveler.

So you wish to see
Deep into thee?
With Shaman tools of
Self discovery!
Engaging in the practice
Of Performing sacred ceremony 

The first & foremost
begins with WHY?

What is it you are seeking?

Getting high, is no reason Why.
It’s nowhere near enough
To justify, the honor of connectivity,
In Which we strive. 

What guidance is being asked?
The foundation of direction
Is always best. 

A purpose-pure protects the path
It couldn’t hurt, to be alert. 

What you will embark upon
Could change you for-forever
It is not, and should never-be
Seen as, “simple pleasure”. 

These Realms have rules
(As does all things)
Jumping in the stream of dreams
Unaware & unprepared
Can catch you in the undertows
Of universal woes.

Taken lightly
It should never be.
For even the wisest cannot see
What lies behind the curtain
Of your consciousness
And what is found beneath
The layers of your lair.

Done alone, is ill-advised
it could lead to your demise.
Understand the “windows-wide”,
The Proper setting you must provide. 

It is best begun,
When you are Clear & Clean,
Completely sober; from anything!
unaffected &
Free From any variable.
Free as well
from any fear, 

The amount of nutrients
Within your system
Will have effect
upon the process.
It would be wise,
To space it
Far enough away 

All you need is mindset,
Warmth & water.
Temperature regulation
And hydration are the keys.
Keeping calm no matter what,
And facing fears, fearlessly. 

Whatever it is,
you will face,
will fade
Trust in this.
For nothings permeant. 

Place an anchor,
and a tether,
to your goodness,
no matter what you see.
An unshakable pillar to return to
When things get murky
with unpleasantry. 

Now you have the reason, And the why.
Done in gratefulness, honor & humility,
A try, As wise, as can be done.
With the right environment
The stage is set,
Blankets a-plenty
Water at the ready,
Both In large supply.

Before beginning,
You need to know,
Exactly what it is.

Test it always,
For the worst will come
If you fail to follow this.
Never trust, unless you know.
Measure carefully,
For less is more.

Hold it in your hands,
Declare aloud,
a clear-intention,
Make certain that your phones away,
Disconnect for this occasion.
A wild-ride within the wild side
Wide open to the wonder

Once the deed is done,
Don’t skip & run,
Allow the medicine
the right of way
to work its way
No need now
to complicate the course.
What will be, will be.
Prepare yourself accordingly.

While your waiting patiently
Perform a systems check,
quite carefully, but quickly
Secure the keys, the wallet,
All the breakables
Something sharp?
Tread carefully

Prepare for problems, Obviously
Any dangers in the field?

Readings near impossible
As is, operating tech
It goes to say, now
Don’t be dumb & drive
We want you alive! 

See Also

Your body may be beyond control
It’s’ quite common
You may twitch, and grind your teeth
Shutter vision uncontrollable
No need to fight your feet

For things are about to be confusing
No matter how much, you think you know
Prepare to be bamboozled
By the simple fundamentals.

You may forget things instantly.
Losing track of what is happening.
Thinking thoughts then fading rapidly.
strangely interacting with reality.

Co-creating behind the veil
of understanding.

Collective consciousness
Is found with ease,
If ever you were wondering.

Communicating perhaps
with unknown entities.
Be cautious of who you’re speaking to
Not all are friendly.

Telepathy a possibility
sensing energies faintly found.

Shapeshifting has occurred
When faces blur between appearance.

If you’re lucky,
You may see someone’s light.
Through a kaleidoscope of beauty
Never seen.
Expressing your hearts true nature
Sharing everything!
Blissfully, beautifully, vulnerable
Which is why, it is wise to choose,
Carefully with whom you wish to share
These moments with,
for they are,
And should be, few.

– J.Ra

You can find archives of J. Ra’s poetry on Spotify and BandCamp.

Main image: Art by J.Ra
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