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Need Illumination? Try Light Toys

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Need Illumination? Try Light Toys

During the jittery social distancy pre-vaccine era of pandemic lockdown, a friend of a friend suggested gathering outdoors in a park where a DJ was holding an outdoor socially distant dance party. 

The first time I was too scared to approach and only rode by on my bicycle. The next weekend I rode to the event and stayed on the outskirts. The third weekend I rode over again, then put my bike down and danced. 

Outdoor house music never felt so good. Dancing gave everyone a chance to connect and safely express themselves. It was all great fun until the sun went away. When it got dark the party was over. 

After a few weeks, someone brought light toys. Glowing POI balls, LED gloves, optic dance whips, light up wands, hoops, and spinning balls now illuminated the after dark dance party. I started trying some of them. Eventually I tested all of these toys listed below. 

These glowing POI balls by Runpipi are USB rechargeable with twenty vibrant colors, rave light modes, and flashing patterns. They are durable and have soft cores. You can even add additional optic fiber light to them if you want to amp up the light effects even further. They’re sturdy enough for all ages. 

Glowing poi balls.

The flying ball helicopter drone sounded like a good idea, but it’s a little fragile for use outdoors. This hand controlled infrared, rechargeable flying ball helicopter drone is fun eye candy, but the wings bend quickly. The battery didn’t last long either. A fun short term one!

The top light toy in my book is this levitation wand. I tested the version made by EmazingLights. It offers tons of different color patterns and shapes. You can occupy yourself for endless hours figuring out spinning techniques and moves. I also tie it to my backpack and use it while bike riding to increase visibility. Popular with all ages. Little kids will come up to you and start staring if you have this toy. It has a high pass around value at parties and my strong recommendation. 

LED levitation wand.

What’s classier than white gloves? Color changing white gloves. Dance in the dark like you have never danced before! It’s like painting with light. These LED neon light up rave gloves from iGeeKid Fan Shop come in five colors with six modes for flashing, glow in the dark fun. There’s a lot of different manufacturers who make light up gloves, and it’s hard to keep them clean over time. Buy a three pack! On cold nights it’s a perfect way to keep your hands warm and look amazing dancing. 

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Hoopers will go all out with a good light up hula hoop. This collapsable strobe hoop from the Hoop Shop has 14-color changing LED lights with a multiple technicolor prism. This is a great hoop, but I warn you that if you loan this to anyone, it may never come back. I loaned mine and now all I have is the box it came in. 

If you want to make a big statement on the dancefloor, consider a fiber optic whip. This LED fiber optic whip from WorSun is so much fun, everyone at the outdoor party or rave will want to try swinging it. For extra extra, you may want the 360° swivel pixel rave whip feature that includes more than 40 super bright color effect modes. 

Got any suggestions, comments or toys you want me to review? Send them on over. I can be reached through the Lucid News contact page.

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