Ken Jordan

Ken Jordan is co-founder, editorial director and CEO of Lucid News. He has been a pioneer in progressive, conscious culture for decades. In 2007 he co-founded the consciousness network Evolver and its online journal Reality Sandwich, which he edited until 2019. At Evolver he produced podcasts, live events and online courses with many of the leading figures of the psychedelic movement, and in 2016 Ken co-founded the company's botanical dispensary, The Alchemist's Kitchen, in Manhattan. Previous to Evolver he worked in digital media, leading the 1995 launch of the award-winning SonicNet, the web's first multimedia music site and digital music store, which later became a property of MTV. Later he was Creative Director of Icon New Media, publisher of the popular, award-winning webzines Word and Charged. With Danny Schechter in 1999 he launched, the first media activist portal. The anthology he co-edited, Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality (W.W. Norton, 2001), taught the history of computer media to a generation of design students. As a digital media consultant his clients included Amnesty International, the Congressional Democratic leadership, and Peter Gabriel's NGO, WITNESS, for which he conceived the internet's first human rights video hub. He is co-author of the influential 2003 white paper "The Augmented Social Network: Building Identity and Trust into the Next-Generation Internet," which sounded the alarm about online privacy. Ken collaborated with the legendary playwright and director Richard Foreman on Unbalancing Acts: Foundations for a Theater (Pantheon, 1992), was chairman of the theory publisher Semiotext(e), co-edited three Reality Sandwich anthologies, and has written for Wired, Paris Review, Index, First Monday, among other publications.

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