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Announcing Psychedelic U

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Announcing Psychedelic U

As the so-called “psychedelic renaissance” continues along its fast-paced trajectory into the mainstream, those who are just starting to learn about psychedelics are turning to all corners of the internet to learn more about these substances. But without alignment and familiarity with the underground legacy of psychedelics, discerning dependable sources of information from dubious ones is difficult. 

Lucid News was founded with the goal of providing trustworthy reporting for this rapidly expanding space. As an extension of this mission, we’re excited to announce Psychedelic U, a welcoming, comprehensive and singular platform for reliable information about psychedelics and vetted resources for deeper inquiry. Look for the launch next month. 

Through our journalistic lens at Lucid News, we’re gathering the most pertinent information about psychedelics, and assembling a team of experts in the field to thoroughly vet all content and outside sources. 

The go-to resource. According to a recent study we conducted on our readership, about 75 percent identified as the people whom members of their communities come to for information about psychedelics. At the same time, 70 percent felt there weren’t enough reliable resources online to refer people to, and expressed the need for a central hub of trustworthy, accurate information about psychedelics – especially for novices. That’s the idea behind Psychedelics U: a concise, thorough, and user-friendly educational platform to serve a wide range of people. I’ve been working with Lucid News as a project manager and lead editor for this new service that’s greatly needed and mostly absent in the psychedelic space. 

Psychedelic U will function as a hub where you can find everything you want to know about psychedelics in the form of newly-created articles and links to outside resources. Accessible from the Lucid News main website, this project aims to shepherd the audience toward a greater fluency in psychedelia, including policy, science, culture, harm reduction, and the use of these substances to support mental health and wellbeing. 

Something for everyone. Psychedelic U is intended for a diverse audience, speaking to both psychedelic naive, and seasoned psychonauts curious about specific substances they’ve never explored; practitioners and space holders looking for more information to help their clients; and everyday people seeking to deepen their knowledge of psychedelics. The information will range from the latest in clinical research and policy reform to best practices in psychedelic journeying. 

With so many important topics, it can be difficult to know what to search for. Psychedelic U will be user-friendly, providing a clear path to information regardless of where you start your search through a wide list of categories. For example, you may know exactly what you’re trying to find: the latest in LSD research, or studies on psilocybin for depression. But let’s say you’re more broadly looking for information about psychedelics and parenthood. You’ll be able to search by any topic, and find the information relevant to your inquiry regardless of how specific your search is. 

Psychedelic U will provide both basic information, as well as outward pointers to other leading sites, organizations, and resources allowing readers to dig deeper into specific topics. By cultivating this robust network of sources, Psychedelic U will facilitate dialogue and engagement between different psychedelic communities. 

Ongoing effort. Inspired by information-dense sites like WebMD and Erowid, Psychedelic U aims to provide practical, in-depth, up-to-date, and expert-backed information. The project is a grand undertaking that will roll out in a series of modules over the course of the next year or more. The first module will officially launch this summer. We’ll be announcing the date shortly, Psychedelic U is an ongoing work-in-progress inspired by and serving not only psychedelic communities at large, but also psychedelic-adjacent communities, such as music festival participants and those who explore immersive art experiences, mindfulness practices, and ecstatic dance. 

Psychedelic U is a collaborative effort. All the information on the site will be generated according to the most asked questions about psychedelics and the rapidly evolving development of the field. These resources will be vetted by topic experts, each with authority over specific domains such as clinical research, integration therapy, and so forth. 
Psychedelic U aims to reflect the legacy of psychedelia, from Indigenous and underground traditions, to today’s unique moment in psychedelic history, as well as the current cultural movement. We look forward to sharing it with you.

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