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The Psychedelic Election is an Internet Addiction

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The Psychedelic Election is an Internet Addiction

An algorithm probably knows already who will win the election while we don’t yet. It knows what you want to buy, it knows where you are going tomorrow. This is fact, more or less, and if you are a chaos number in the algorithm, that too will be factored into the equation. We all think we are smarter than the machine but guess what, the machine went to insect school. We don’t get access to the syllabus. Turn your eye to the seasonal praying mantis clinging to the refrigerator – fascinating but does it give a fuck about you? My guess is probably not. 

Did you know there is an app that will send you to a random GPS location because the random and unpredicted is now a novelty that people will actually purchase? People will pay money to stand in a random parking lot, for the sole reason they were never meant to be there in the first place? Sign me up, I totally get it. My phone knows I’m sitting on the couch right now. I would pay money for it not to.

I predict Biden will win the election. Trump maybe knows the algorithms – that he will lose. That’s why he allows Roger Stone to suggest he can implement martial law when he loses, because of course, only voter fraud could lead to a Biden win. When you hire the biggest publicist the new world has ever known, you expect results, and when that isn’t going to happen, it will be a crisis of his faith, felt around the world – the failure of cash in the pocket of a very bad man. 

As a Twitter addict, Trump has changed. He displays the snowflake pattern and sometimes loses control. He is not acting like the most powerful person in the world, because his addiction is more powerful. Whatever else he might be, whatever kind of victimizer, he is also a victim. – Jaron Lanier, “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now”

8chan was created by Fredrick Brennan, a broken genius who downloaded it on a mushroom trip. QAnon found its platform within it, due to its structure and its ability to ensure encrypted anonymity. It was banned to the Tor dark web where it took on its 8kun form and here is where I may have lost you. What does this have to do with the election? Everything. This election is about who has the power to manipulate social media towards their own agenda, period. So far this would be Trump, with Zuckerberg as his Goebbels archetypal right-hand man.

I hope the Biden team is capable of understanding what they are up against – that Trump is a millennial social media addict on Adderall in the broken baby oaf body of a creepy narcissistic Dad. I hope Boomer Biden finds a millennial who can help him with this digital cold war on home soil. Not that I want more spin and lies, but that seems to be what we’re dealing with. 

Trump is building a platform upon his own fantasy of a dangerous Antifa left, hell bent on destroying the lives of white lady soccer Mom’s in the suburbs. Kamala’s converse sneakers and skinny jeans are a giveaway to the democratic plot to destroy America as we know it. The left made it easy for this backlash to be weaponized by the right. Memes generated by nerds in St Petersburg Russia, who have eaten nothing but high sugar yogurt packs for days, yes they have yoghurt in Russia, are dropped and circulated by the left, my actual friends, with slogans about how fires are caused by gender reveal parties, the wall of moms is racist, and if you have a savings account and a house, you are part of the problem of the genocide of Native Americans in real time. Maybe you don’t get what I’m saying because it’s not in your feed. You are shown other things because of the voudou doll they have of you on file. You shouldn’t have to process it. This didn’t come from me. Or us or you.

Trump is psychedelic, and not in a good way. Like something out of a Carlos Castaneda novel, he is a demon capable of being two people at once; the man having a logical conversation with Bob Woodward about the very real dangers of Covid, only to turn around and lie to America shortly after about how it’s no big deal, using an entirely different speech delivery. He is a thing possessed by an awful mojo, contagious, and apparently charismatic. It’s the oldest of stories we are being threatened with, that of the demon coming back to life every time he is killed, after the impeachment, after every illegal act, and now, he is threatening democracy itself by proclaiming he can install himself not just in a second term, but a third. His resonance has disturbed the entire field and is inescapable. He has collapsed any hope for nuanced and eloquent discourse about anything life or death having to do with our actual lives. His digital lackeys have convinced some of my friends they shouldn’t vote. 

What Drug is Your Favorite Candidate?

Donald Trump: Everything Courtney Love ever took with a heavy lean towards Abilify and Adderall + Ketamine, DMT vape, Purple Drank, and Twitter.

Mike Pence: Tryptophan – How else are babies gonna get made?

Joe Biden: Gabapentin + Tigers Milk Bars

Kamala Harris: A 30g Indica edible. 

Humans are free. We can commit suicide for the benefit of a Singularity. We can engineer our genes to better support an imaginary hive mind. We can make culture and journalism into second-rate activities and spend centuries remixing detritus of the 1960’s and other eras from before individual creativity went out of fashion. Or we can believe in ourselves. By chance, it might turn out we are real. – Jaron Lanier

I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It’s a documentary that features some of the Silicon Valley geniuses that created social media and Google in the early days. Jaron Lanier, a real psychedelic hyperlink, the inventor of virtual reality tech, joins many others who want us to know they made a grave mistake. 

The only conspiracy I am prone to entertain at the moment is that the #cancelnetflix movement was generated by an op, not to stop us from watching Cuties, a run of the mill French film about adolescent girls with a stereotypically woke moral message that QAnon believes is pedophilic; #cancelnetflix wants us to keep us from watching The Social Dilemma. This simple documentary contains the actual key to escape The Matrix starting by explaining how we’re already in it. It’s Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter, and it’s not a person or a group, but a machine learning alien thing that’s been aiming its “BUMMER” brains in our direction for a while now, getting us to click on anything but the truth. Fake news makes money and real news is boring. With the election upon us, the volume is being turned up to the red zone. Trump did it before with Cambridge Analytica, why do we think he’s not doing it now with more gusto, and yes, he’s only one customer, the machine itself knows it’s not dependent on him to continue generating capital for Zuckerberg. We are all employees producing this content for free. This fascist manipulation via a non-human thing isn’t going to end anytime soon unless we delete our social media accounts and demand Silicon Valley remake the machine with a more humane skeleton at its core.

They made a mistake guys, and it’s destroying society. 

Civil War, Tristan Harris says emphatically on The Social Dilemma, when asked what can come of our interaction with social media platforms in their current incarnations. 

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Do you feel it? I do. I know you do, too. Pick up your phone and it’s already here. We are doing things we would never do, thinking thoughts that are not our own thoughts, posting like zombies memes that are likely boosted by disinformation campaigns both foreign and domestic.

Memes might seem to amplify what you are saying, but it’s always an illusion. You might launch an infectious meme about a political figure, and you might be making a great point, but in the larger picture you are reinforcing the idea that virality is truth. Your point will be undone by whatever other point is more viral. That is by design. – Jaron Lanier, “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media”

I’m going to start using fentanyl to wean myself off social media. – Shane Mauss on Twitter.

“The door is in the forest,” artist Emma Magenta Tweeted before disappearing from all media last New Year’s Eve, because she knew what was coming.

Don’t vote for Biden because it’s a ruse to get you to believe the two-party system is the only option. Jesus Christ in a handbag! What kind of satanic internet salamander is peddling that dated propaganda? Jill Stein, that poseur who went to Standing Rock to take selfies? Ross Perot? The only Handbag I care to entertain is Paris Hilton’s with a teacup Chihuahua loaded on the plants the south American shamans give to their hunting dogs, a mix of tobacco, DMT and other weird green things, and that Chihuahua is saying get out there and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! 

Ok I’m making this up, but Hunter Thompson lied too, saying McGovern was an Iboga addict and people believed him. He was just trying to save us all, too.

Keep it simple, keep it clean, the mushrooms have been saying. Let’s get through this. Let’s demand a better world which now means nothing more complicated than voting (FOR BIDEN DUH) and working towards the creation of an ethical information commons, one that’s not trying to kill us all. It’s simple. For starters, we might need to pay for social media with a small monthly fee. The only way Silicon Valley will listen to us is if we strike. My partner has deleted her Facebook account and I plan on doing so at the first of the year. 

“Go to where you are kindest.” – Jaron Lanier

Image: Nicki Adams

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