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Statement in Solidarity Against Racism

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Statement in Solidarity Against Racism

For many of us, psychedelic experiences include a visceral sense of interconnection with all beings, an innate awareness that we are all members of one human family. Yet because we are shaped by the racism that permeates our society, opposing acts of hatred against people of color requires more than spiritual epiphanies. We must all engage in active self-reflection and ongoing actions for social justice which require attentiveness and commitment. 

The recent protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd have catalyzed a much needed, and long overdue, public acknowledgement of enduring institutional racism against black people that is at the core of American society. Lucid News is a platform for psychedelic journalism, and our perspective is informed by direct encounters with the shadow side of our psyches which psychedelic experiences often reveal. At this moment, we are called to recognize and acknowledge uncomfortable truths about internalized racism and become more effective allies for people of color.  

Lucid News publishes and covers people of color, but we have no people of color on our editorial staff. We are actively seeking an experienced POC news editor or marketing manager to join our team. Please contact us if you, or someone you know, may be interested in this position. We are a small startup with modest funding, but quickly growing to meet the needs of our readers who seek diverse views. 

We are also launching an initiative, the Lucid News Psychedelic Journalism Fund, to underwrite and support black and other POC journalists who are looking for training and experience covering the emerging psychedelics industry. Journalists who join us will expand our knowledge and awareness. Those who are interested in applying to the fund are invited to reach out to us through the Lucid News contact page. Lucid News is seeking additional funding to expand this project.

We understand that dismantling pervasive racism requires an on-going effort. Lucid News will continue to cover elements of psychedelic movements that impact people of color, including: the war on drugs, equal access to psychedelic medicines, and protecting the historical use of sacred plant medicines by indigenous people. In addition, we will continue to present the perspectives of people of color in our opinion pages. 

These steps are just the beginning of our own evolution as a news organization. But these incremental efforts and collective focus will contribute to lasting change. Launched in April 2020, Lucid News is being forged by the twin forces of pandemic and the fight for social justice. As journalists, we are committed to the values of respect and equality and we are in this for the long haul.    

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