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How Ayahuasca Revealed the Origins of My Childhood Dissociation

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How Ayahuasca Revealed the Origins of My Childhood Dissociation

“In that moment it was like I was feeling my body for the first time. It was like I could sense this part of me that I had locked away or forgotten.”

In this episode of Adventures of the Psyche, we are joined by Hanifa Washington, who shares how an ayahuasca journey showed her the first time she began a lifelong habit of dissociation, and taught her how to reconnect to her body.

Hanifa Nayo Washington is an award winning cultural producer & sacred activist combining arts, healing, and activism to make the world a better place for 20+ years. She is a co-founder of the Fireside Project, serving as the Cultivator Of Beloved Community, a founding member of the Equity in Psychedelic Therapy Initiative, and an Advisory Board Member of Reconsider at Lundy Farm. Hanifa is also the Principal Organizer & Co-Founding Practitioner of One Village Healing, a BIPOC womxn led mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness initiative that centers inclusion, accessibility, mindfulness, preventative health, affinity healing, and psychedelic wellness as central elements.

Join filmmaker and host Mareesa Stertz for a brief visit into other realms where guests share personal stories of illumination, healing, and transformation through their use of psychedelics. See more Adventure of the Psyche episodes here.

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