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How Ayahuasca Helped Me Face My Alcohol Dependency

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How Ayahuasca Helped Me Face My Alcohol Dependency

“I could not accept that there’s some greater power than me that’s outside of myself. Frankly, the power that was greater than me was inside of myself, in that voice that emerged in my psyche.”

In this episode of Adventures of the Psyche, we are joined by Deborah Parrish Snyder, who shares how ayahuasca illuminated her dependency on alcohol and showed her the great power we each hold within.

Deborah is co-owner of Synergetic Press, Ltd. and has published over 40 books in ethnobotany, psychedelics, biospherics, consciousness and cultures since establishing the company in 1984. She was on the team that designed and built Biosphere 2 and started The Biosphere Press. In 1999, she moved to Synergia Ranch in Santa Fe, NM, an intentional community established in 1969 and where the Institute of Ecotechnics formed. Deborah is currently director and VP of the U.S. non-profit:

Join filmmaker and host Mareesa Stertz for a brief visit into other realms where guests share personal stories of illumination, healing, and transformation through their use of psychedelics. See more Adventure of the Psyche episodes here.

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