San Francisco Psychedelic Society Reflects the Needs of Its Community

The local chapter of a global movement offers a model for education and integration support for what many people say is the most meaningful and often strangest experience of their lives.

Breonna Taylor Is Dead Because of the Racist War on Drugs

Had it not been for the war on drugs which sustains the increasing use of no-knock warrants, Breonna Taylor would be alive today.

Ride the Wrecking Ball: Psychedelic Survival Tips for the Already Gone

The past isn’t what it used to be. The future is hard to imagine because the past has been disturbed so intensely. The present moment is all there is.

Bill Wilson, LSD and the Secret Psychedelic History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was a firm believer in the ability of LSD to free some hardcore alcoholics from their addiction.

Set and Setting for Society’s 21st Century Trip

One of the lessons that could be drawn from the story of mid-twentieth-century psychedelic history is that the psychedelic experience is not a given. It is always crucially shaped by the set and setting of the culture and the society in which it is embedded.

The Systemic Culture Problems of the Psychedelics Industry

Psychedelic industry conferences have been overwhelmingly white and male, reflecting deeper issues within a psychedelic field that is male-dominated, increasingly corporatized, and white supremacist.

Can Burning Man be Replicated Virtually?

A conversation with Burning Man historian Caveat Magister about the festival’s uneasy but remarkable transition into virtuality, and what got lost along the way.

The Psychedelic Election is an Internet Addiction

Trump is a millennial social media addict on Adderall in the broken baby oaf body of a creepy narcissistic Dad. I hope Boomer Biden finds a millennial who can help him with this digital cold war.

Does the Failure of Prohibition Mean that We Succeed?

By eliciting the first serious response from a prohibitionist, Decriminalize Nature DC has taught the drug reform community an important lesson about the opposition. But will the movement seize the opportunity?

Are You Drinking Ayahuasca For the Wrong Reason?

Many drink ayahuasca to have visions, to pursue enlightenment, and to find themselves. But to traditional Amazonian shamans these are genuinely foreign concepts.