Mark Braunstein DO

Dr. Mark Braunstein graduated from medical school in 1997, then pursued a General Psychiatry Residency at the University of New Mexico followed by a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Maine Medical Center in 2002. After completing his fellowship and becoming board certified in general psychiatry, he founded a private practice in Durango, Colorado, where he incorporated plant medicine into his integrative psychiatric approach. In 2005, Dr. Braunstein merged psychiatry with a residential wilderness environment, recognizing the benefits of plant medicine and nature compared to traditional psychiatric methods. Skilled in traditional psychopharmacology, his focus lies in deprescribing psychiatric medications while enhancing patients' lifestyles through exercise, diet, spirituality, and plant medicine. Trained under Dr. Phil Wolfson at the Ketamine Training Center, Dr. Braunstein now collaborates with him, leading training globally. He operates a specialized psychedelic practice licensed in 13 states and facilitates connections for psychedelic care worldwide, including Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Israel, and Asia.

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