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15 of Our Favorite Reads From 2022

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15 of Our Favorite Reads From 2022

As the year comes to a close, we offer 14 of our favorite reads and a video from 2022. From Biden’s psychedelic therapy task force to TikTok’s psychedelic thought leaders, these posts reflect some of the year’s most significant events and emergent concerns, as psychedelics become more firmly entrenched in mainstream consciousness.

1. Biden Administration Considers Psychedelic Therapies Task Force by Ken Jordan and Noah Daly

Advocates for the initiative, including two retired generals, say that the proposed inter-agency federal task force would support a thoughtful and coordinated introduction of psychedelic medicine services nationwide.

2. The Elephant in the Room is LSD by Erik Davis

Acid’s cultural profile is curiously muted in today’s psychedelic space, though it’s been the most influential and catalyzing psychedelic in the postwar world.

3. Can Psychedelic Masculinity Stop War? by Nick Powers

A psychedelic men’s movement can challenge militarism, continue what #MeToo started, and imagine freedom beyond male supremacy.

4. Do Bad Psychedelic Patents Matter? by Matt Zorn

The way patents in the psychedelic field can pose a problem is often misunderstood, mischaracterized, and sensationalized by the media and academics alike.

5. Daniel Ellsberg Talks Psychedelics, Consciousness and World Peace by Adele Meyer 

The great American whistleblower who released the Pentagon Papers reflects on the intersection of psychedelics and activism, and the need for a shift in our collective consciousness.

6. What Is Boofing and Why Do People Do It? by Rachel Clark

This month Auntie describes what boofing is and why some people prefer this method of ingestion, whether using psychedelics for fun can be therapeutic, and why commercially available drug test kits can miss fentanyl and how to test for it. 

7. How Many Likes Does It Take to be a Psychedelic Thought Leader? by Dennis Walker

In an era where thought leaders are minted by social media metrics, some influencers may be one viral video away from being tomorrow’s psychedelic luminaries.

8. Pioneering Clergy of Diverse Religions Embrace Psychedelics by Don Lattin

Some religious leaders are finding psychedelics a valuable way to have mystical experiences within the traditions of their faiths.

9. Psychedelic Therapy Training Programs Expand To Meet Demand by Katie Stone

As the need for psychedelic therapists expands, more training programs emerge to meet the needs of patients.

10. Dennis McKenna Extolls Our Deepening Knowledge of Psychoactive Plants by Nicki Adams

The famous ethnopharmacologist reflects on his main takeaways from the ESPD55 conference and their implications for the future.

11. Bringing Ketamine-Assisted Therapy to the Native American Community by Mareesa Stertz

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In this first episode of season two, Dr. Joe Tafur discusses bringing psychedelic-assisted ketamine therapy to the Native American community with a ceremonial approach.

12. Remembering Ann Shulgin and What She Taught Us About the Shadow by Ann Harrison

The legendary pioneer of psychedelic-assisted therapy leaves behind a legacy of wisdom for healers and explorers of the subconscious.

13. Medidosing LSD: The Middle Way by Chris Kilham

Between tripping hard on 200 mcgs of acid and micro dosing lies a vast dosing territory ripe for exploration and flow states.

14. Verdict in Lawsuit Assigns MAPS 25% Liability and $1M in Damages by Ann Harrison

A jury in Monterey California has returned a verdict that found MAPS liable in a wrongful death lawsuit.

15. Can Western Medicine Include the Sacred in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy? by Itzhak Beery

It’s time for psychotherapists to study the shamanic approach to plant medicine alongside their clinical applications and molecular structures.

Main Image: Nicki Adams

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